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Labradoodle Studs: 

Suave Spencer - Medium Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
ALAA# - 028376

Spencer%20Sit.JPG Spencer%20Stand.JPG  
Gail's Suave Spencer is an amazing Medium Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle whose heath tesing is as stellar as his drop-dead good looks! Spencer has a Penn Hip score of 90%+ (which means his hips rated in the top 10% of all labradoodles!), an OFA Final hip score of Good, and OFA Normal Elbows. In addition, his OFA eye exam is normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Patellas Normal and  OFA Thyroid Normal. Spencer is a true medium, weighing 28 lbs. and standing 18" at the shoulder. His deep mahogany red color is to die for, and he produces gorgeous red pups as well. His DNA coat color is BBee; he does not carry the chocolate gene, but he does carry the parti gene. Spencer lives with his loving guardian family in San Luis Obispo, along with a labradoodle brother. Spencer is available for stud service to health-tested females from approved breeding programs.

Chivalrous Sheriff - Medium Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA# - 034247
Sheriff%20Sit.jpg Sheriff%20Stand.JPG
Meet Sheriff, our black and white parti Australian Labradoodle. Sheriff is from our breeding program here at Gail's Labradoodles. As a true medium, he weighs 30 lbs and stands  at 18" tall (to shoulder).  He lives with a wonderful Guardian family in Atascadero. They say, "We LOVE Sheriff! He is sweet, gentle, loyal and affectionate. He makes us laugh constantly -- he is such a silly guy! He enjoys his daily walks, as well as seeing all his friends, both people and furry. His coat is amazingly soft, which makes cuddling with him all the more enjoyable! What an amazing addition to our family he has been!! Sheriff sailed through his health testing: OFA Prelim hips are EXCELLENT, OFA Elbows Normal and OFA eyes Normal. Sheriff is available for stud to approved, health-tested to females.

Wondrous Winston
- Medium Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA# - 035304
Winston%20Sit.JPG Winston%20Stand.JPG
Introducing Wondrous Winston, our gorgeous caramel-ice colored Medium Multi-gen Labradoodle! Winston is one of the most athletic dogs you will ever meet, according to his adoring guardian family. He loves water, playing on the beach and chasing sea gulls! He is friendly and happy-go-lucky; his guardian family has been told numerous times by friends how much they would love to have a dog with the same temperament as Winston! Standing at 19 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weighing 36 lbs., Winston is a true medium size bundle of affection and love. Winston's hips are OFA Prelim Fair, Elbows Normal, and eyes are OFA clear and normal. We look forward to the puppies Winston will produce for us! Winston is available for stud to approved, health-tested to females.

LL's Beguiling Boone - Medium Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA# - 043531

Boone%20Sit%203-17.JPG Boone%20Stand%203-17.JPG
Meet our newest stud muffin, Loveable Labradoodle's Beguiling Boone! Boone is a sweetheart, and a handsome guy to boot. What more can a guy want than good looks and a temperament to match?!  Boone is a Medium Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle with a gorgeous, loosely wavy, non-shedding and allergy-friendly fleece coat. He is caramel in color, weighs 31 pounds and stands 21" at the shoulder. Boone lives with an adoring guardian family. They say he is the "sweetest, most affectionate boy you could ever meet, and that he would spend all day snuggling in our laps if we let him!" They add, "He is gentle and patient with our three young sons, and he enjoys socializing with his other dog friends. Boone is incredibly loyal, a fast learner, and is both obedient and smart." We are excited about the beautiful puppies we are confident Boone will sire! Boone is available for stud to approved, health-tested to females.

Aristocratic Archer - Medium Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA# - 034029
Archer%20Sit.JPG Archer%20Stand.JPG

Our Poodle Studs:

Mannered Murphy - AKC Moyen (Medium) Poodle
Murphy%201%20Sit.JPG Murphy%202%20Stand.JPG

Murphy is our charming AKC moyen (medium in French) poodle. He easily passed his health testing with OFA Prelim Good hips, OFA Elbows Normal and OFA eyes Normal. Murphy is an apricot/red boy with white markings -- he is carries the parti gene, meaning he can produce the popular two-toned parti puppies. He measures 17" at the shoulder and weighs in at 22 lbs. Murphy lives in a loving guardian home in Paso Robles. They say, "Murphy knows no strangers and is friendly with people as well as other dogs. He is both a lover and a cuddler. He is calm mannered yet playful, and he loves to play catch and run in the yard."  Murphy is available for stud service to health-tested females from approved breeding programs.

Bedazzling Buster - AKC Moyen (Medium) Poodle
Buster%20Sit.JPG Buster%20Stand.JPG
Meet Gail's Bedazzling Buster, our sweet as can be medium size (moyen) poodle! Buster is apricot in color and weighs in at 22 lbs., measuring 17" at the shoulder. He is a constant and loyal companion to a senior couple who absolutely adore him! He lights up their life with his easy-going and mellow disposition, liking nothing more than being with "his people!" Buster soared through his health testing! His hips are OFA Final Good (in the 90+ percentile for PennHip, meaning in the top 10% for poodles!), his elbows are OFA normal and eyes are OFA clear. We are thrilled to have a poodle with Buster's calm demeanor in our breeding program! Buster is available for stud service to approved breeding programs.

Masculine Maverick - AKC Standard Poodle

ALAA# - 047531
Maverick%20Stand%201.JPG Maverick%20Stand%202.JPG
Masculine Maverick is the most gorgeous standard poodle we have ever seen! We feel so blessed to have this stunning guy in our breeding program. He is an AKC standard poodle, in the rare "tuxedo" parti coloring. He is a deep, crimson red with white markings. Maverick weighs 45 lbs. and stands 23 inches at the shoulder. His loving guardian family lives in San Luis Obispo, and everywhere they go they get comments on his stunning good looks! They say he is an "easy" dog who is very athletic but cuddles like a teddy bear. Maverick is not a barker and has an easy-going temperament. He loves other dogs, but his best buddy is his "brother" Stryker, a 3-legged rescue cat. Maverick has OFA Prelim GOOD hips, Normal elbows, eyes are OFA clear, PRA-prcd clear and  vWD clear. Maverick is available for stud to approved breeding programs with fully health-tested females.

Genteel Jonas - AKC Small Standard Poodle
 Jonas%20Sit%203-3-17.JPG Jonas%202%20Stand%203-3-17.JPG

Winsome Wesley - AKC Small Standard Poodle

ALAA# - 028374 

Wesley%20Sit.JPG Wesley%20Stand.JPG

Meet Gail's Winsome Wesley, a charming moyen (medium, in French) AKC Poodle. Wesley has passed all of his health testing with flying colors -- his hips are OFA Excellent, elbows are normal, and his eyes are CERF clear and normal. Wesley is cream in color with some apricot highlighting, particularly on his ears. He weighs 33 lbs. and stands 21" tall at the shoulder. His DNA coat type is bbee, meaning he carries the cream, apricot and chocolate genes. In addition, Wesley is parti-factored, so if bred to another parti-factored dog, he can produce the popular parti (meaning two colored) pups! Wesley lives with a loving guardian family in Bakersfield. They describe him as playful, intellingent, easy to train, loyal, and as loving his family, other dogs and playing in the water! We are excited about the BEAUTIFUL puppies we are confident he will produce, beginning in Spring 2012. Wesley is availabe for stud service to approved, health-tested females.

Bodacious Blaze - AKC Standard Poodle
ALAA# - 028373


Gail's Bodacious Blaze is our new AKC Apricot/Red Standard Poodle! Blaze is a BIG boy -- 26" at the shoulder and weighs 60+ lbs. -- perfect for producing the LARGE standard dogs that some of our clients love and are so hard to find! In spite of his size, Blaze is loving, affectionate and thinks he is a lap dog!  :)   He has passed all his health testing -- OFA Good hips, OFA Normal elbows, and CERF (eyes) clear and normal. Blaze's guardian family says his favorite things are going on walks, fetching, doing tricks, traveling, and going camping with them. In a nutshell, Blaze is happy as long as he is with "his people." We are SO excited about the pups Blaze will produce for us this spring (2012)! We hope they will inherit his fun and "loving life" personality! Blaze is available for stud service to approved breeding programs.

Our Goldendoodle Studs: 

Gail's Courteous Cosmo - Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Cosmo%20sit.JPG Cosmo%20Stand.JPG
We are SO excited to introduce to you, Gail's Courteous Cosmo, our newest Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle stud this winter, 2016. Homegrown here at Gail's Doodles, we couldn't be more pleased with handsome boy in every way. Cosmo has it all -- striking good looks with his deep red coloring and loosely wavy fleece coat (that is of course non-shedding and allergy-friendly), the perfect size, nice body conformation, as well as a fabulous disposition -- friendly, loving, confident and loyal!! With his mid-range size of 35 lbs. and 20" at the shoulder, Cosmo can easily produce puppies of any size, depending on the size girlfriend he is paired with. And what young girl wouldn't drool over the opportunity to be paired with this dreamy stud muffin?!!  :)  In addition, Cosmo has of course passed all of his health testing with flying colors: his hips are OFA prelim Good and PennHip in the 75 percentile, as well as OFA Normal elbows and OFA eyes Clear and Normal. Cosmo lives with an adoring Guardian family in Paso Robles, and because of their wonderful experience with Cosmo the past two years, they plan to add a second goldendoodle to their family soon! Cosmo is available for stud service to health-tested females from approved breeding programs.

Gentlemanly Jack - Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Jack%20Sitting.JPG Jack%20Stand.JPG
Say hello to Jack, our loveable and handsome Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle. Jack's coloring is a show stopping red and white parti (two-toned). Jack lives with his guardian family in San Luis Obispo, who has this to say about him: "Jack is a lover! He enjoys cuddling on a welcoming lap, playing with other dogs and playing with children. He is confident, very smart, and he's extremely fast. When out on walks, we are often stopped by strangers commenting on his good looks and friendly demeanor. Jack's hips are OFA Final Fair, OFA Elbows Normal and his eyes are OFA Normal. We are excited about the gorgeous and friendly pups Jack will produce this fall (2015)! Jack is available for stud service to health-tested females from approved breeding programs.

Handsome Hudson - Standard F1B Goldendoodle
 Hudson%20Sit.JPG Hudson%20Stand.JPG
Gail's Handsome Hudson is a large Standard F1B Goldendoodle.
He tips the scales at 70 lbs, and he measures 24 1/2" at the shoulder. Hudson has the priviledge of living with a dog-loving family! They have 5 large dogs total, three of them goldendoodles from Gail's Doodles! They say, "Hudson is a wonderful, young "All American" male pooch who loves playing with his 1/2 sister April and his mother, Autumn. He is always happy, and his energy level is just right for an active family; he LOVES his walks and playing King of the Hill with his 4 canine siblings! That being said, Hudson also loves lying at our feet and filling in as a pillow for our two sons. Hudson is the perfect combination of his parents -- he has his mother's sweet temperament and this father's good looks. Hudson is a gentleman! His human father, Frank, is sure Hudson knows he is a special dog. Frank says Hudson's prancing steps and bouncing coat are proof positive!" Thank you, Maguirk family!! Hudson's health scores are: OFA Hips Prelim Good, OFA Elbows Normal and OFA eyes are normal. Hudson is available for stud service to health-tested females from approved breeding programs.

Outstanding Ollie - F1B Medium Goldendoodle

Ollie%20Stand%201.JPG Ollie%20Sit.JPG
Gail's Outstanding Ollie is our gorgeous red Medium F1B Goldendoodle. He is one of the most easy-going and mellow dogs you will ever meet. In fact, his adoring Guardian home describes him as her loveable rag doll, and says his "favorite move" is to give her a big hug with one paw on each of her shoulders! Ollie weighs 38 lbs. and is 18" at the shoulder. He sailed through his health testing. Ollie hips rated in the 90+% with PennHip (meaning his hips are in the top 10% of all goldendoodles) and have an OFA Good Prelim. score. His Elbows are OFA Normal and his eyes are OFA clear. Ollie is available for stud service to health tested females from approved breeding programs.

Buster%20Sit.JPG Buster%20Stand.JPG

 Borrowed Boys:

Rainbow's End Gino Vannelli

Meet Gino, a sweet and adorable Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle from Rainbow's End Doodles. Gino is apricot in color, weighs 35 lbs. and stands 21" at the shoulder. He has a mellow and easy-going temperament, which we hope will be passed on to his puppies! Gino's hips are OFA Prelim Excellent, his elbows are OFA Normal and his eyes are OFA Normal as well. Thank you, Carol, for allowing us to use this handsome young guy!