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Please plan to pick your puppy up in person, or take advantage of our personal Delivery Service to the San Francisco Bay Area or the LA/OC area.

We're sorry, but we do not ship our puppies. However, because so many of our puppies find their permanent homes in either the Los Angeles/Orange County area or the San Francisco Bay Area, we are usually able to offer a personal delivery of your puppy to a predetermined spot in one of these two vicinities. A minimum delivery fee of $150, dependent on your location, will be charged. Delivery fee and location will be discussed and decided upon prior to delivery. (We try to make it as convenient for you as possible, although we do not go any further south than Orange County. San Diego residents are welcome to come meet us there.) There must be at least two puppies traveling in order for a delivery to be offered; otherwise, you will need to come pick your puppy up or make special arrangements with us.

The "go-home" day is a stressful time for a young puppy, as they leave behind everyone and everything familiar to them. We have found that traveling with siblings (to a delivery site) is much less stressful for most pups than traveling alone. They are able to curl up together and find comfort snuggling with one another. Most of the time they will sleep the majority of the car ride! When traveling alone, they will often cry most of the way. 

Door-to-door delivery may be available for an additional charge ($300 minimum -- price dependent upon location. Please ask for more details if interested.

If you live out of state and absolutely cannot pick your puppy up in person from our home or one of our convenient delivery locations, please contact us. It may be possible to arrange for a special personal delivery of your puppy to your area. This will be decided upon on an individual basis, and the delivery fee would be calculated accordingly. (Minimum cost of this service is $450-$650.) 

Please note that a $25/day boarding fee will be charged for puppies remaining here after their "go home" date at 8 weeks. We strongly encourage all puppies to go home when their littermates leave. It is very hard on a puppy to remain behind after all its siblings are gone. In addition, this is a key time for bonding and socialization in the life of a young pup.