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Thank you so much for our little Duncan.  It's been less than a week and he's already sleeping through the night, 
has charmed the cats to the point they are almost playing together, and had his first bath! 
 He's a very good, smart, funny, precious little guy and we're very happy with him.  Thank you for being so
 patient and accommodating with us. All our friends want to adopt your next litter! 
 Sincerely, Kristan & Jill


  Patricia.jpg Taj.JPG

I really do love my dog. He’s adorable. I absolutely love my puppy and so does the rest of my family. Everyone who sees him goes wild and says he is the cutest puppy!!! His name is “Taj”. My sons named him after their favorite surfer Taj Burrows from Australia.

Patricia Botana Escalera



Hello Gail,
Here is a photo of Gershwin, taken Jan. 22, 2006. He weighs 35 lbs. now (at 14 weeks). He’s very smart and has a good sense of humor. He’s attending puppy kindergarten and can sit, stand and ‘down’. We love him a lot. He’s an important part of our family already.

Jennifer James



Gail and Tom,
Here is “Happy Henry from Sacramento.” He is a joy. Potty trained in less than two weeks, already walks on a leash with no pulling. Sit, stay & come are great. He loves to learn and please. We love him. Everyone says, “Wow, that is a beautiful puppy. What kind is he?” They are happy to hear he is a labradoodle. Thanks for bringing him into our lives.

Anne Marie Kramer



Hi Tom & Gail,
            We’re having a great time with Dozer.  These are pictures from the beach this weekend, it was his first time.  He is now 12 wks old and weighs 30 lbs.  He sleeps with us most of the time, we really love him. 

Mark and Beronica




Dear Tom and Gail Ferrell,
We cannot thank you enough from bringing a quality Labradoodle to the Central Coast area.  If it had not been for you expanding your Labrador breeding into Labradoodles also, we might never have found “our sweet Sierra.”   We have enjoyed her immensely and her smartness amazes us every time she learns a new trick or repeatedly obeys our commands.  We never forget that she is still a puppy of only 5 months, but even at this young age, she has surpassed our expectations of a companion family member.  We appreciated all the information, knowledge you shared, and the professionalism you displayed when we came to your ranch in Templeton, CA to see Sierra for the first time.  The several times we telephoned or emailed you with questions about preparing for her arrival, vet information, and diet, like we were nervous new parents, and how you put our minds at ease with your kind and informative responses.  We will always remember her delivery day, it was so thoughtful that you gave us a piece of carpet and new toy from the kennel with her brother’s scents on it to comfort her in her first few days away from them and the new collar for her also.  Our family, friends, and neighbors are enjoying getting to know her also and are amazed at her smartness, and even better yet, that she rarely barks while in playing the backyard.

You made buying a new pet for our family as special as the pet we received from you!!!  We feel truly blessed by Sierra’s presence in our family. 

 The Maly family